Welcome To Nicole Goes Global!

Me, attempting to be fashionable in Paris.

Hi there!

My name’s Nicole, and I love to travel! I fundamentally believe that the best way to learn about the world is to see it firsthand. The goal of this blog is function as an accessible resource for first-time and seasoned travelers alike.

In To Do and To Eat, you’ll find articles on interesting activities and delicious eats I love from a number of destinations.

My travel bucket list lives in Dream Trips. There, you’ll find mini itineraries for my perfect days in a number of destinations I hope to visit in the future.

30,000 Feet Up will feature recollections on the personal side of travel, such as relationships to a language, people, or a culture.

Have questions? All readers are welcome to submit their travel-oriented inquiries. Simply click on Get in Touch and fill out the template to shoot me an email. Your question, with my response, will be featured in the Global Gabs section of this website for all to see!

Check out my About page to learn more about me!

Happy travels!

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