On Dream Trips

Welcome back!

A mini update: Local quarantine restrictions are being lifted, but I’ve decided to continue this more casual approach to travel blogging for the time being. Today’s subject?

Dream trips.

The writing process for this existing series always requires a carefully crafted roadmap. Not only do I need to pick appealing destinations, but also group them in a way that makes geographical sense. While research-heavy and tedious, it can also be incredibly fun.


Remember that Singapore article sitting unfinished in my drafts? It’s still there, because I told myself it was pointless to finish it. I was trying my best not to view any future travel plans with pessimism, but realistically, it was difficult not to. Why spend the hours it takes to put one of these itineraries together when the execution of the plan is next to impossible?

However, when I actually sat down and thought about it (as one has much more time to do these days), a couple reasons to do so came to mind. The first was, of course, it’s something to do, some way to pass the time. Travel has a habit of taking you out of your everyday reality, and even planning it in your head can have the same effect. I’m also not going to lie and say a brighter idea came to me at first.

The second reason is that the current state of things are going to change, and dare I say, get better. I’m not basing this assumption on anything other than pure optimism, but let’s be honest, we could all use a little bit of that in our lives right now.

Even if it’s different from what came before, the future is going to have some version of all that we’ve missed over these past several months; seeing family and friends, entertainment that revolves around community, the sharing of meals with those we care about most, and exploration. These things are indelible to our existence, and where there is exploration, there is travel. It’s always been a part of the equation, and always will be. It’s not a question of “if,” but an answer of “when.”

The third reason is a bit harder to describe, but as I was in the process of brainstorming ideas for this post, an off-hand comment from my mom really gave it shape.

There are always people who are going to have a bucket list.

My initial reaction was, well… yes? But what I think she meant was that there are people with bucket lists AND and a wicked travel bug. If it’s possible to go where they’ve always dreamed, little is going to stop them in the long run. I definitely consider myself a part of this breed. There’s always more of the world to see.

When you’re that kind of person, planning another dream trip (or two) can never really be a depressing experience. Even if you try your hardest to make it one, there’s always that thought in the back of your head that the real disappointment is in the waiting, and not in the possibility itself.

So, what I’m telling you (and perhaps, myself) to do is to keep planning those dream trips. Temptation to abandon these plans for now is understandable, but please, don’t forget them. Spend some time on research. Jot down a list. Do anything to keep the possibility alive.

This is a promise to the dozen or so dream days floating around in my brain that they’ll make it to the page. And that someday soon, I’ll live each one out loud.

Because, for me and many others, going will always be better than staying put. So, in short, to quote the man himself:

Everything changes. Nothing changes at all.

– Anthony Bourdain

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